Archery - Fort York

September 29 was the third and final day of archery, starting with the women’s and men’s novice recurve bronze-medal match. Clare Langham-Phillips of Team UK won the bronze medal with a 6–0 victory in the women’s novice recurve. The men’s novice recurve saw Vince Cavazos of the United States against Kenneth Hargreaves of the United Kindgom shooting at targets 1 and 4. They ended up heading to a shoot-off as their scores were tied. Cavazos came out ahead, winning the match and the bronze medal.

Next up was the women’s and men’s novice recurve gold-medal match. It was an exciting matchup of two Canadians vying for gold:  Elizabeth Newman and Melissa Smith.  The crowd cheered “Go Canada” and “We love you, Canada” throughout the match.  Newman took the gold and Smith won silver.

In the men’s novice recurve gold-medal match Roman Panchenko of Ukraine squared off against Ludovic Failly of France. Despite the heavy rain and wind, Panchenko won the gold, with and Failly taking home the silver medal.

Team novice recurve finals began shortly afterward, with each team comprised of three players from one nation. Team New Zealand faced Team United Kingdom for the bronze, with the Kiwis taking home bronze. It was Team Canada versus Team Ukraine for the gold, and the Canucks nabbed top honours on home soil while Team Ukraine took home silver.

In the mixed open recurve, Kristian Ravnholt of Denmark won the gold medal, Dmytro Sydoruk of Ukraine won silver and Fabio Tomasulo of Italy won bronze.

The team open recurve saw Team Italy take on Team France in the bronze- medal match, with Italy shooting at target 2 and France shooting at target 1. Team Italy won the bronze medal. The gold-medal match saw Team United Kindgom versus Team United States. With a 6–0 victory, Team United Kingdom won the gold and Team United States won silver.

The sun made an appearance for the women’s and men’s open compound bronze-medal match. Canadian competitors Bettina Fuchs and Melanie Harris faced off for the bronze medal. An Intense and exciting match saw Fuchs win the bronze medal. In the open compound, competitors compete using their own equipment unlike the other archery events.

The men’s open compound bronze- medal match saw Steve Murgatroyd of Canada against Sonni Engmann of Denmark. It was a close match, with Engmann winning the bronze medal.

The women’s and men’s open compound gold-medal matches took place in the afternoon. Kerys Knight of United Kingdom won the gold medal and Kyle Burnett of the United States took home the silver. The men’s open compound gold-medal match saw United States competitor Josh Lindstrom versus Romania competitor Claudiu-Ionut Butoi. Lindstrom won the gold medal and Butoi won the silver.

The archery finals ended with the team open compound bronze- and gold-medal matches with three competitors in each team. It was Team Australia versus Team United Kingdom in the bronze-medal match. With a final score of 203–199, Team UK took the bronze, while Team Romania won the gold over Team US.

Archery - Fort York
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