Sabrina Razack

As an educator, sport enthusiast, working mother and community volunteer, the Invictus Games fulfill so many areas of my life.

When speaking to my children or my students, the topic of the military can sometimes be a sensitive subject and the Games allow us to see soldiers and people who have served in a different light.

I had an opportunity to bring my students to the Invictus Games 2017 launch event and they were blown away. Seeing the competitors play adaptive sport, they became so enthusiastic about our Canadian team! The students walked away with a deep sense of Canadian pride, as well as more questions regarding the competitors and what it takes to host a multi-sport Games.

The different intersections of the Invictus Games offer a unique way to engage with sport. The stories of hardship, trauma and loss were so profound and provided students an insight into the resiliency of these competitors that went beyond a teachable moment.

Students were able to build empathy and demonstrate compassion through their involvement in these Games. Many wanted to write to the ill and injured competitors, and many even asked to do further research about the Games.

Finally, becoming more aware of the participating countries can only increase students’ understanding of how globally connected we are on and off the field. The Invictus Games competitors are competing for a higher purpose: bringing the world together to honour and celebrate those who served!

I look forward to continued conversations and enriching learning opportunities for students both inside and outside of the classroom.