From morning to mid-afternoon, several pool matches took place to determine who would advance to the wheelchair tennis semifinals and finals.

The first pool match of the day started at 8 a.m., with New Zealand versus Canada, pitting Kiwis Glenn Barnes and Aaron Gibbs against Canucks Pearce Bourassa and Kelly Scanlan. Considering it was an early morning game, the spectators were loud and cheerful. The Canadian fans stood as they cheered on the competitors, chanting “Let’s go, Canada!”, “Way to go, Kelly!” and “Let’s go, Pearce!”

While Kelly had good hits and respectable serves, the Canadians ultimately fell to Team New Zealand, with a final score of 6–0. Despite the defeat, the Canadian spectators chanted “We love you, Canada!”

The second pool match of the day started at 8:55 a.m. and saw Kevin Drake and Alexander Krol of the United Kingdom face Jelle van der Steen and Ronald van Dort of the Netherlands. The stands were packed with spectators for both teams, and the Netherlands crowd was just as energetic as they were Sunday morning when they cheered on Ronald and Jelle in the preliminaries. Despite a 6–0 loss to the UK, the enthusiastic crowd continued its “Holland!” chant.

The third pool match saw competitors Kirk Hughes and Cornelia Oosthuizen of the United Kingdom square off against RJ Anderson and Sharona Young of the United States. Similar to the previous matches, the crowd cheered for both teams, with cries of “Let’s go, UK!” and “Come on, US!” Despite having good hits and great serves, Team USA lost 6–0 to Team UK.

Competitors Darryl Burton and Stephen Fell of New Zealand battled it out against Phil Badanai and Liz Steeves of Canada. The teams played six games, with final score of 6–0 for New Zealand. The biggest group of spectators for the day watched the match, with lots of high spirits and chanting for both sides.

Up next, competitors Glenn Barnes and Aaron Gibbs of New Zealand faced Daniel Jeffery and Jamie Tanner of Australia. Daniel became the star of the day, with his great spirit and humor, as he entertained officials, spectators and his teammates. During a break due to an equipment issue, Daniel showed off his dance moves to much cheering and encouragement from the crowd.

The match was quite the endurance test, as 10 games were played to determine the winner. New Zealand eventually came out victorious with a final score 6–4.

The match was also an endurance test for the sell-out crowd, as Toronto endured another recording- breaking day of heat, humidity and sun. Some spectators placed towels over their heads to block the rays, while others used umbrellas. The heat, however, did not stop the crowd from cheering and enjoying the matches.

Two semifinal matches occurred in the afternoon. The first was New Zealand versus Australia. Competitors Glenn Barnes and Aaron Gibbs of New Zealand faced Sean Lawler and Stewart Sherman of Australia, playing 9 sets. New Zealand won 6–3 and advanced to the gold-medal match, while Australia advanced to the bronze-medal match.

The second semifinal saw an interesting match-up between two United Kingdom teams. Kevin Drake and Alexander Krol took on Kirk Hughes and Cornelia Oosthuizen. The crowd did not let up, chanting “Let’s go, UK!” repeatedly. Kevin and Alexander won the match with a score of 6–0 and advanced to the gold-medal game.

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