Danielle Daniel

Talking to authors is old hat for me. What made my conversation different with the author of ‘The Dependent, A Memoir of Marriage & The Military’ was the way author Danielle Daniel laid out her story. She was candid and frankly raw in her description of her experience as a military wife to Dr. Steve Daniel, a retired Sergeant with 14 years of service.

Steve had a life-altering accident when something went terribly wrong as he fell to the ground from a plane. This parachuting accident has left him as a paraplegic. As much as her husband’s, Danielle’s life changed in that instant too.

In this Invictus Games Radio podcast, the conversation runs the gamut from her life before Steve, to their (at-times rocky) marriage, to their son, to her husband’s accident and how she coped. Danielle’s unique attitude is one of determination and ‘getting it done’.

We also get the chance to talk to Danielle about her work as an artist and as a children’s author and illustrator with the award-winning book ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox’. This podcast is for anyone who ever needed a burst of inspiration in dealing with something challenging in their own life. For more information on Danielle Daniel, visit: www.danielledaniel.com

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Podcast transcript available for download.