Team Jordan with coach.

Twenty-nine men and five women teed off at St. George’s Golf and Country Club on a hot and sunny ay 4 of the 2017 Invictus Games. Following the friendly round, the United Kingdom took gold in both the men’s and women’s events.

On the men’s side David Scott of the UK earned gold, Etienne Aube of Canada earned silver and a three-way tie for bronze went to Jay Nickol and Dan Graham of Canada and Josh Lindstrom of the United States.

Team Jordan with coach.
Winners Étienne Aubé (silver), David Scott (Gold), Josh Lindstrom (Bronze),
Jay Nickol (Bronze) and Dan Graham (Bronze) pose for a photo


With a look of surprise and chuckle as she walked the fairway of the 18th hole, Cornelia Oosthuizen of the UK was delighted to hear she was on her way to winning the woman’s event, while Canadians Karyne Gelinas and Sandy Bate earned silver and bronze respectively.

Team Jordan with coach.
Golf winners pose for camera crew:  Karyne Gelinas (silver), Cornelia Oosthuizen (gold), Sandy Bate (bronze)


“It’s very, very special to be wearing gold for Invictus Games,” said Cornelia. “Not just for myself but hopefully for the UK team and certainly for my family and my friends, some of them who are here and some of them who are back home.”

St. George’s has the reputation of being one of Canada’s finest courses with its classic design, fast rolling greens and challenging fairways. It’s not an easy course, but that was part of the amusement for many.

“The course is beautiful but the dangers are insidious,” said Team Canada`s Dale Robillard. “I was absolutely not happy with my score but nothing could wipe this smile off my face – I just met the others today on the tee box and just shared one of the premier experiences of my life.”

The UK’s Bernie Broad didn’t finish on top of the leader board but said he was content with his score. He too raved about the beauty of the course and the day’s atmosphere saying: “It just ticks every box in golfing competition.”

Later in the afternoon Bernie, a double leg amputee, shared some laughs with Prince Harry and paused for photos with fellow competitors.

Canadian Martine Duval was paired with Cornelia for the afternoon. She golfed well, but gave spectators a moment of amusement when the ball seemed to hop over the cup on the 18th green. She responded with a laugh. Said Martine: “Today was beautiful. It was very hot, but at the same time beautiful, as in the world is beautiful. This is it.”

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