Men’s IT1 200m

France’s Mickaël Mayali repeated his 100-metre performance in the men’s IT1 200-metre event by taking an early lead and staying well out in front for the entire race. He finished first with a time of 25.42. The Americans took second and third place, with Ben Seekell finishing with a time of 27.13 and Michael SousaDoCarmo crossing the finish line in 28.19. Canadian Blaise Lapointe came in fourth with a time of 29.39.

Men’s IT2 200m

The men’s IT2 200-metre event got off to a rocky start when one of the competitors fell at the beginning of the race, so it was re-started. After a strong start, Stix McGavin from Australia was passed by Luke Sinnott from the UK, who took the gold. Luke finished with a time of 27.99, while Stix finished in second with a time of 28.95. American Patrick Roberts came in third with a time of 30.43.

Women’s IT6/IT7 200m

Natacha Dupuis took gold in the women’s IT6/IT7 200-metre final with a time of 27.71. Heidi Joosten of Australia finished second with a time of 28.55 and third place went to Francesca Rocca of France with a time of 29.34. Canada’s Hélène Le Scelleur finished seventh with a time of 34.77.

Men’s IT7 200m

It was a jackrabbit start in the men’s IT7 200m and expected favourite Paulus Mathijssen from the Netherlands took the lead rounding the bend and carried it through the straight-a-way to the gold medal. He finished with a time of 23.56. UK’s James Mcgill came in second with a time of 24.42 and Australia’s Chris Rapson rounded out the podium with a third-place-finish time of 24.84.

Men’s IT1 1,500m

Braving the heat, the final of the men’s IT1 1,500m came down to a finishing sprint between UK’s Bruce Ekman and American Ben Seekell. Bruce finished first with a time of 5:25.91, with Ben taking second in 5:26.43. Bronze went to Laurentiu Serban of Romania with a time of 5:47.71. Canada’s Blaise Lapointe finished sixth with a time of 7:06.27.

Men’s IT2 1,500m

The small field of four competitors in the men’s IT2 1,500m got off to a slow start as the competitors found their race pace. Anthony Popp of the US and Scott Meenagh of the UK played cat and mouse through much of the race. Near the end of the race, Anthony lapped Canadian Simon Mailloux and managed to get a sizable lead to take gold with a time of 5:24.27. Scott came in second with a time of 5:46.97 and American William Reynolds finished the race in bronze medal-style with a time of 6:00.71. Simon finished with determination and grit as he dug deep to finish in a time of 7:49.70.

Men’s IT3 1,500m

With only two entrants in the event and battling wind and humidity, both competitors from France finished within seconds of each other. Drained and slowing at the end, Djamel Mastouri finished first with a time of 4:48.45 and teammate Jonathan Hamou came in second with a time of 4:55.37.


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