Team Jordan with coach.

The United Kingdom’s Martin Tye won gold in the powerlifting heavyweight division at Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre on Tuesday, while Ukraine’s Vasyl Pashkevych took gold in the middleweight class.

Martin not only won gold, he pushed past his personal best of 185 kilograms.

When asked if he thought he might have to lift more weight, he replied, “To be honest, no. I thought I wouldn’t have to take it past my personal best. But the standard of competition is amazing.”

“It’s my first Games, he said. “I was looking at the results from the last Games and I knew I’d do OK. I knew I’d have to go heavy, because [Martin] Tye and I were competing together. But, I thought, without being too conceited, we’d have a good chance here. But, just to come here and see the standard — the level of competition — what it got to is just brilliant. World class.”

With other competitors looking to press 187 kilograms to take home gold, Martin went a little further, loading the bar with 188 kilograms.

“I knew I could push it. With the crowd, it really got my adrenaline going. Between me and my coach, we picked that weight and it was amazing. I lifted it.”

UK teammate Scott Simon lifted 175 kilograms and took home bronze.

Team Jordan with coach.

Team USA Nate Bias (silver), Team UK Martin Tye (gold) and Scott Simon (bronze).

After being awarded the gold medal, Martin’s family joined him at the podium.

Team Jordan with coach.

“What a special moment when my boys came over,” said Martin. ”Invictus is fantastic. Letting your friends and family come out. It’s just the nicest atmosphere.”

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