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Captivated by the 2016 Invictus Games Closing Ceremony, Caroline McIntosh found her next passion project. “When I watched Prince Harry and listened to his commitment, it mirrored my own,” says McIntosh. “I greatly admire and respect Prince Harry for […] bringing to light what injuries—visible and invisible—military personnel have sustained in the functions of their duties.”

Her motivation to volunteer is simple: “It’s just a way of giving back.”

Volunteering is part of Caroline McIntosh’s commitment to honouring the soldiers who liberated the Netherlands in the Second World War. Her Dutch parents, who interacted with Canadian soldiers during the War, instilled in her a reverence for the Canadian Armed Forces, and it’s something the mother of two demonstrates by championing causes that support military personnel and their families.

The Mississauga, Ontario resident helped gather 250,000 petition signatures, and support from politicians and organizations, urging the Canadian Mint to produce a commemorative coin featuring the Highway of Heroes. Coin sales raised $200,000 for the Military Families Fund and the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial Fund.

With Toronto hosting the third Invictus Games, McIntosh looks forward to an event that will be inspirational for servicemen and women, their families and the public. The Invictus Games are not only for the participants, they are also an extraordinary experience for volunteers: “It’s an opportunity for people to be part of something incredibly healing,” says McIntosh.