Team Jordan with coach.

Preliminary sitting volleyball competition got underway at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre on Tuesday. Eleven countries plus participants playing as part of Team Unconquered competed in a round-robin tournament.


Sitting volleyball, which originated in 1956 as a more active form of the German game of sitzball, requires a high level of athleticism from players. Played on a smaller court than able-bodied volleyball and with a lower net, sitting volleyball competitors are positioned closer together on the floor, putting a premium on lightning-fast reflexes. This also makes for a significantly faster-paced game. Competitors display all the skills in digging, passing, setting, hitting and blocking that are required of competition at the highest level.

As the teams of six work to keep the ball from landing on their court while trying to force the ball onto their opponent’s side of the court, they must have at least one buttock in contact with the floor at all times.

Finals get underway tomorrow at Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletics Centre, starting at 17:00. Come out and cheer on the teams!

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