FA: Logistics/Overlay

FA Description

To plan and oversee the bump in, allocation, set up, tear down, and bump out of all Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) needed at competition and non-competition venues.

Position Summary

Responsible for all LOG/OVL operational and workforce planning and delivery to a specific venue or group of venues.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Logistics


This role will require the attendance and participation at 2 meeting sessions per month. Post planning, this role will then become a supervisor position where you will implement all your plans to deliver the logistics component at a competition or non-competition venue (September 2017).

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Project Management


  • Manage venue(s) from initiation through delivery ensuring completion of the operations objectives on schedule. Act as the lead for all logistics plans for a specific venue. Will work alongside specific venue logistics working group volunteers to formulate operation plans and also work closely with key Functional Areas and external partners to deliver venue operations. Will oversee all logistics workforce crew on venue to complete deliverables. Will require attention to detail, scheduling, and great leadership skills.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Customer Service


  • Provides day to day customer service and logistics support for clients. Provide proactive and timely communication of issues found, answering inquiries quickly and professionally while responding with urgency and accuracy.