The NLO is responsible for the Visiting Nation from their time of arrival until their departure, from 7:00am until 11:00pm (or preferably 24 hours a day). The TLO will travel with their assigned team throughout city as needed.

The main aims and objectives of the NLOs are to act as a contact person for the nation and to resolve any problems that may arise. It is important that the liaison officer speaks the language of the team and at least one of the host country’s official languages, English or French, so as to communicate efficiently with all parties concerned. Liaison officers should be conversant with The Invictus Games organizing committee and have in-depth knowledge of the environment and react in a quick and competent manner to any situation which may arise. The liaison officer must be loyal, discreet and trustworthy at all times.

The liaison officer shall not be accommodated by the organizing committee but will have access to work from the same hotel as the nation’s delegation, and also travel with the team (S/he is allowed access to the same zones in the stadiums as the competitors). The Invictus Games Toronto 2017 will provide him/her with all contact numbers in order to allow him/her to accomplish his/her tasks in a successful and efficient manner.

The Nation Liaison Officers’ duties are:

  • NLOs are the Invictus Games Organizing Committee’s first contact for a nation and see themselves as “part” of the “host.”
  • Accompany the nation’s delegation to which s/he is assigned from the time that the nation arrives in the host city until the end of the nation’s official stay
  • Be available to assist the team on a 24 / 7 basis and be their first point of contact at all times.
  • Tour of the venues informing nations of areas of importance (first aid, change rooms etc)
  • Attend training sessions, meetings and competition to ensure any requests from the team manager can be actioned correctly.
  • Relay information relating to various amenities about the local area (i.e. Hospitals, emergency services, transportation, eateries, entertainment areas etc)
  • Make bookings at the above amenities (especially if the touring team doesn’t have English as their first language) eg – dinner reservations, booking in MRI’s etc.
  • Act as translators and interpreters during press conferences, interviews, etc. when
    requested by the nation or IG2017. At no other time will the NLO represent the
    nation to media.
  • Assist in coordinating meetings if requested
  • Cooperate closely with the persons in charge of the nation’s delegations
  • NLOs communicate the team’s wishes and requirements to the Nations Team Lead
  • Assist with nation laundry needs
  • Greet nation’s at the airport upon arrival where possible


Ideally the team liaison is someone who:

  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills
  • Has the ability to manage and reduce conflict
  • Have strong written and oral communication skills
  • Have sound organizational skills
  • Be contactable by mobile phone
  • Has knowledge of the touring nation’s culture and language (desirable)
  • Can adapt and work well with people of other cultures and backgrounds


Must be available for the entirety of the Games (September 23 to September 30)
Sport Technical Meeting (June 2017 – pending)

Monthly Team Liaison Meetings starting March 2017 (one Saturday per month)


General requirements

  • Interest in showcasing the Invictus Games to visitors from other countries
  • Desire to contribute to a great sporting event
  • Desire to contribute to the visiting team’s positive experience of Toronto
  • Language skills in the competing nation’s mother tongue