FA: Village

FA Description

Accommodations (ACM) will provide Venue Management for the Host Hotel (Sheraton) which serves as the Invictus Village. ACM is responsible for ensuring integrating planning and operations with the Host Hotel Staff resulting in a positive experience for all our guests which include Competitors, Coaches, Friends & Family.

Position Summary

Working with the VGM, this person will operate all ACM functions at the Hotel in addition to running the Village Operations Centre (VOC). They deploy the Games Services crew and ensure they have the correct tools/information to perform their jobs, they ensure they are performing their tasks correctly and monitor their breaks.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Hotel Operations


  • Run the Village Operations Centre and Village Communications Centre.
  • Monitor Radio communication
  • Populate and distribute Daily Run Sheets
  • Support all other FA supervisors in the Hotel, ensuring they have correct information and understand hotel/ACM policies.
  • Adhere to and monitor Health and Safety policies and procedures.
  • Prepare and execute arrival and departure assistance to ensure the first and last impressions of their experience in Toronto are favourable.
  • Complete room allocations and work with the hotel on check in/out process.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Volunteer Management/Human Resources


  • Oversee Games Services Crew
  • Perform shift briefings and assign roles to all individuals daily.
  • Monitor Crew performance and ensure they have all the tools needed to perform tasks correctly
  • Monitor Crew breaks
  • Develop Crew schedules and work with crew on shift issues.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Customer Service


  • Hospitality first approach in dealing with competitors and friends and family.
  • Plan and execute events and activities that cater to a wide target group providing activities for both young and older guests.
  • Incorporate solutions to language barriers in all operations involving guest communication.
  • Monitor all operations to ensure all spaces and planned activities are fully accessible.