FA: Hospitality

FA Description

The Friends and Family (F&F) Function is responsible for developing and managing the interactive programme for Competitors’ F&F during Games time. This includes staffing the F&F information desk within the Sheraton Hotel, and ensuring a robust schedule of programming and activities exist in the Entertainment lounge at the Host Hotel.

Position Summary

Working with the Friends and Family Work Group Chair, the F&F Supervisor will carry out an active role ensuring the smooth running of daily operations and communication with the F&F Liaisons during Games Time. They will be responsible for ensuring F&F are provided with an exceptional experience. They assist in deploying the Games Services crew and ensure they have the correct tools/information to perform their jobs, they ensure they are performing their tasks correctly and monitor their breaks.

Customer Service

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Volunteer Management/Human Resources


  • Oversee Games Services crew
  • Perform shift briefings and assign roles to all individuals daily
  • Monitor crew performance and ensure they have all the tools needed to perform tasks correctly
  • Monitor crew breaks
  • Develop crew schedules and work with crew on shift issues

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Hospitality


  • Ensuring a Hospitality first approach in dealing with F&F to ensure a welcoming and positive experience
  • Plan and execute events and activities that cater to a wide target group providing activities for both young and older guests
  • Incorporate solutions to language barriers in all operations involving guest communication.
  • Monitor all operations to ensure all spaces and planned activities are fully accessibl

Maintain a positive and patient attitude

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: International Relations


  • Assist F&F from 17 nations providing information and assistance to make their experience in Toronto as carefree as possible
  • Always going the extra mile and master the art of listening, to ensure that guest queries are answered fully and resolved