VIMY the Mascot

Vimy Ridge the Mascot

As a young Labrador retriever, VIMY was trained to be a detection dog at the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton (CFB Trenton). With a keen sense of smell, VIMY can sniff out explosives and illegal chemicals from far away.

Although VIMY has a great nose for detection, he is also a confident and friendly dog who always puts a smile on people’s faces and is destined to provide support, comfort and a morale boost to serving members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces.

VIMY is proud to be the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 mascot and educate school kids on Canada’s military history and of the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve our country.

VIMY is eager to interact with volunteers and to welcome competitors, families and spectators with high fives and hugs, spreading the Invictus spirit across the country. He has already been to over 100 schools and community events! For a list of past/upcoming events please check out our Invictus Games Community.

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