Frequently Asked Questions



What are the Invictus Games?

The Invictus Games are an international sporting event for wounded, ill and injured servicemen and women, both currently serving and veterans. The Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding of and respect for those who serve their country.

The word Invictus is Latin for unconquered. It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and ill service personnel and what these tenacious men and women can achieve, post-injury.


Why were the Invictus Games established?

Prince Harry was driven to create an expanded international version following his inspirational visit to the Warrior Games in Colorado in 2013. There, he saw how the power of sport could help wounded warriors physically, psychologically and socially.


Why are the Invictus Games coming to Canada?

Hosting the Games in Canada in 2017, the year the country celebrates the 150th anniversary of its Confederation, will provide a unique opportunity for Canadians to commemorate the ill, wounded and injured soldiers, along with their families.

Canadians actively look for ways to express their gratitude toward its military personnel, and the Invictus Games will provide an ideal forum for what we know will be an unprecedented outpouring of support.


How are the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 funded?

The Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Organizing Committee is a not-for-profit with a variety of funding sources. The federal and Ontario provincial governments have each generously committed to a $10 million contribution. We are also actively fundraising and securing budget from Games sponsors and donors. We are thrilled to announce that Jaguar Land Rover have come on board as our presenting partner, committing $10 million to the Games. Partners like this make our Invictus Games possible, and we are continuing to see much interest from donors and sponsors wanting to help make these Games a great success. Finally, ticket and merchandise sales and other fundraising events will also help fund our Games.



When will you be selecting Opening and Closing Ceremonies producers?

We are currently finalizing the selection process for our ceremonies producers. Our ceremonies producers will be announced in an upcoming newsletter.


How can I sign up to be a flag bearer for the Invictus Games relay?

We are not accepting applications for flag bearers at this time. More information regarding the Invictus Games relay will be shared on our website in the summer of 2017.


How can I sign up to perform in the Opening/Closing Ceremonies?

We are not accepting applications for ceremonies performers at this time. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when applications become available.



How can community organizations partner with the Games?

We are still in the early planning stages of our community partnership program. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when more information becomes available.


How can I request VIMY the mascot for our event?

To request a visit from VIMY to your school or next community event, please review the Request a Visit section on the mascot page of our website.



Do I need a visa to volunteer at the Invictus Games, and will a visa be provided for me by the Organizing Committee?

Please refer to our Canada Border Services Agency website (URL below) or contact your embassy directly for more information.


Will volunteers receive free public transportation?

Currently, volunteers will be responsible for their own transportation costs during their volunteer journey.


Will parking be provided?

Parking costs will be the volunteer’s responsibility. We strongly encourage that you take public transit to your volunteer shift.


Will meals be provided?

Volunteers will be entitled to receive a meal during their shifts.


When will I get my uniform and accreditation?

Your Volunteer Summit is the one-stop shop for your uniform and accreditation pickup.


Is there a deadline to complete Games RECCE?

We recommend that you complete Games RECCE by the time you attend your assigned Volunteer Summit in August 2017.


Is Games RECCE available on any browser and mobile devices?



When will Games RECCE Season 2 be available?

It is expected to be released in June 2017 and you will be notified.


Do I need to complete the health and safety awareness training and hand in my certificate of completion?

All volunteers must complete the health and safety awareness training. This training is offered as part of Games RECCE, even if you have received equivalent training through another professional or volunteer role. We ask that all volunteers maintain the certificate of completion for their own records.


Will there be just-in-time training?

We are currently developing a just-in-time training solution. More information will be provided in the coming weeks. Please refer to our volunteer monthly newsletters for updates.


Accepting Volunteer Offers


How do I accept my volunteer role?

To accept your volunteer role, simply log in to your volunteer portal and click Accept.


How do I decline my volunteer role?

To decline your volunteer role, simply log in to your volunteer portal and click Decline.


Can I change my volunteer role?

The Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Organizing Committee cannot accommodate any role changes. There is limited role availability and we strongly encourage you to be a part of this historic event. If you do not feel well-suited for the role we are offering you, we kindly request that you decline the role.


I’ve accepted my Games-time offer. What’s next?

Congratulations and welcome to the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 volunteer team!

To make sure you’re prepared for all of your shifts, training will begin once you accept your volunteer role offer. Training will be a combination of online learning and in-person sessions.

Once online training has been completed, you’ll receive an email invitation to a one-day Volunteer Summit. The Volunteer Summit will take place on a weekend between August and September 2017 and will be your one stop shop for your uniform, accreditation, and training.


When will I receive a detailed schedule of my shifts so that I can ensure I’m available?

Our expectation is that all volunteers will have open availability from September 23-30 (Sheraton volunteers: September 21 – October 1) and can work up to 12 hours on each of those days. You will receive a minimum of one day off in 7 days, and some shifts may start as early as 5:30 a.m. and end as late as midnight. These requirements were considered when developing your volunteer schedule.

Volunteer shifts will be published in June/July 2017. We hope that will provide enough time for you to make plans.

I’m in a different role, shift and/or venue than my family and friends. Can I swap my role, shift and/or venue so that we’re volunteering together?

Due to the size and scale of our volunteer program, it will not be possible to facilitate requests for individuals to be assigned to the same role, shift and/or venue. All roles will be assigned based on skills and experience as well as our operational requirements.


Why have I been asked to volunteer at more than one venue?

Some volunteers will be asked to volunteer at more than one venue. This typically occurs for venues that will only be open for a few days or if you have a unique skill set that would benefit multiple venues. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with training to ensure you’re ready for each venue. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to see even more of the Games, and that’s a good thing!


I’ve accepted my role but I’m no longer available to volunteer. How do I withdraw?

If you have accepted your volunteer offer but are no longer available, please e-mail


I’m concerned that the role and/or venue I’ve been assigned will not meet my accessibility needs. Who should I contact?

As not every venue is accessible, every effort will be made to accommodate your accessibility needs as indicated in your application. For any questions or concerns regarding your accessibility needs, please email and include your full name, role assignment and preferred method of communication. You’ll be contacted by a member of the accessibility team to discuss your situation in more detail.


I’ve been offered a role in a location that is not near my home/accommodation. How easy will it be to get around at Games time?

All Invictus Games venues are accessible by public transportation. We recommend you plan your route in advance by using the TTC trip planner:

As parking at most venues will be limited, we encourage all volunteers to use public transportation whenever possible during the Games. If you opt to drive your personal vehicle to your shift, please note that you will be responsible for paying for your parking.


Can I still volunteer for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017. We received an overwhelming response from people across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We are truly impressed by the volume, quality and diversity of our applicants!
Given the enormous response, we have closed the volunteer portal and are no longer accepting new applications. We recommend you check out to find other meaningful ways to engage with the Invictus Games Toronto 2017!




Where will the interviews be conducted?

The interviews will be conducted at the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Organizing Committee headquarters at 357 Bay Street, Toronto.
How do I accept an interview invitation and select an interview time slot?
Interview invitations will be emailed to the address provided in the volunteer application. To accept the interview invitation:

1. Please open your e-mail and select the link provided.
2. The link will take you to a page that allows you to select a time slot. Please select only one time slot for an interview and confirm your e-mail address. Please remember the time slot you selected; a reminder will not be sent.
3. Click ‘Save.’
4. You will then be directed to a ‘Thank You’ page; this is your confirmation page.

If you require assistance logging into the portal, please contact


I selected an interview time slot but have not received a confirmation e-mail?

A confirmation e-mail will not be sent upon the selection of an interview time slot. Please click the Save button once you have selected a time slot. You will be directed to a new page acknowledging your submission. Please keep track of your time slot as we will not be sending a reminder e-mail.


How should I prepare for the interview?

The interview will be a series of short questions, which will provide you with an opportunity to share your skills, experience and reasons why you want to volunteer. The interview will be quite informal. We want to get to know you better.


What do I need to bring to the interview?

Please bring the photo identification you used in your volunteer application.


What if I cannot attend any of the interview time slots available?

If you cannot attend any of the interview time slots available, please do not select a time slot. Please e-mail if you are still interested in being interviewed for a volunteer position. A representative will contact you to make alternative arrangements. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.


I have signed up for an interview time slot but I can no longer attend. What should I do?

If you can no longer attend your interview, please e-mail to notify our Volunteer Services Team.


I don’t live in the Greater Toronto Area. Will I still be interviewed?

Yes. Out-of-town volunteers will be interviewed and will be contacted upon request by a representative from the Volunteer Services Team to make alternative arrangements for an interview.


I’ve been offered an interview invitation but I am no longer available to volunteer. How do I withdraw my application to be a volunteer?

To withdraw your application, please e-mail


Volunteer Portal


How do I update my volunteer portal profile?

To update your volunteer portal profile, please log into your account using the username and password you created. Once you have logged in, select My Account at the top right of the screen. From there, limited fields can be updated. For additional support, please contact


How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password or wish to change it, log into your account on the volunteer portal. Click ‘My Account’ in the upper right-hand corner of the page and you will see an Update Password option to your email address. If you do not receive an email immediately, please check your spam folder.


Can I access the volunteer portal using a smartphone or tablet?

The volunteer portal is accessible on tablets and smartphones. However, for an optimal user experience, we do not recommend completing the volunteer application form on your smartphone due to its screen size and the amount of information required.


Which web browsers can I use to complete the volunteer application form?

The volunteer portal is designed for most desktop browsers. We recommend using the most current version of your preferred browser unless otherwise noted below:

o Google Chrome 30+

o Firefox 27+

o Internet Explorer 10+, NT 6.1+ (Windows 7)

o Safari 7+, OS X 10.9+ (Snow Leopard)

o Safari 6+ Mobile, iOS6+ (3GS+)

I can’t access the volunteer portal. What should I do?

If you require assistance in logging in to the portal, please contact


Will you be accepting international volunteer applications?

Some international volunteers will be recruited for Games-time specialist volunteer roles. Please note that we will not reimburse any expenses incurred by volunteers nor arrange for any required travel/transportation, visas and accommodation. Out-of-town volunteers will be responsible for covering all related costs.


What is the minimum age to volunteer with the Games?

The minimum age to volunteer is 18 years of age as of January 1, 2017.


What roles will volunteers be assigned to?

To deliver an event the size and scope of the Invictus Games Toronto 2017, we will be assembling a team of 1,500-plus volunteers. Some positions will require specialized skills and work experience. All roles will be assigned based on skills, experience and operational requirements.


What are the language requirements for volunteers?

All volunteers must have a strong working knowledge of English. To support our athletes and visitors, we also will be looking for volunteers who speak French and other languages.


What documentation do I need to complete the application form?

Please have one of the following valid government-issued photo identification pieces on hand:

Canadian citizens:

o passport

o provincial or territorial driver’s licence

o provincial photo identification card

o certificate of Indian status (with photo)

Non-Canadian citizens:

o passport

o USA passport card (U.S. citizens only)

o permanent resident card with photo


What is the application deadline?

To be considered, we strongly recommend submitting your completed application as soon as possible as there has been unprecedented interest in volunteering for these Games. At this time, there is no set deadline for applications.


What are the language requirements for volunteering?

All volunteers must have a working knowledge of English. To support our athletes and visitors, we are also looking for volunteers who speak the languages of competing nations.

Our language levels are defined as:

Level 2: Fluent

Can use sophisticated language and vocabulary in everyday exchanges in a variety of situations.

Level 1: Conversational

Can maintain simple face-to-face conversations on familiar topics. Is comfortable with social interactions with native speakers.


What is my time commitment for volunteering?

Being part of an event of this scale will require a significant time commitment from all our volunteers. In many cases, Invictus Games volunteers will contribute 9-10 shifts over 11 Games-time operating days between September 21, 2017 to October 1, 2017 (Competition takes place between September 23 to 30, 2017). Volunteers should be available to work shifts ranging from 6-12 hours on weekdays, evenings and weekends.


What are the types of Games-time volunteer roles?

To deliver an event the size and scope of the 2017 Invictus Games, we are assembling a team of 1,500+ volunteers. We need all volunteers to utilize their skills and experiences to ensure a successful event. The roles we are seeking range from general crew members to specialized positions.

Some volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with competitors and spectators in our venues, while others will work behind the scenes in transportation, medical, information technology, press operations, communications, protocol services, accreditation and workforce services.


What can I expect as a volunteer?

Volunteering at the 2017 Invictus Games will be an incredibly rewarding experience that you’ll look back on with pride. This will be your chance to showcase Toronto, develop meaningful friendships with fellow volunteers, gain valuable skills and experience, and engage and inspire your community. Games-time volunteers will be provided with:

o Access to exclusive Games promotions and events.

o Meals and refreshments during shifts.

o Invaluable volunteer hours and work experience.

o The chance to meet international competitors, officials and sport association leaders.

o Comprehensive training to ensure you’re well prepared and confident on day one.

o The opportunity to network, make lifelong friends and try your hand at something new.

o The chance to have fun and be at the heart of the hottest event in 2017.


Will volunteers be provided accommodation?

Accommodation will not be provided for volunteers. Out-of-town volunteers will be expected to find and pay for their own accommodation.


I would like to volunteer with my spouse/friend/child as it is easier for us to get to our venues/shifts together. Is this possible?

Due to the size and scale of our volunteer program, it is not possible to accommodate requests to be assigned to the same shift and/or venue. All roles will be assigned based on skills and experience, as well as our own requirements.


I’m interested in volunteering, but I’m concerned about receiving too many emails. What should I do?

We will only send you emails that contain specific and relevant information regarding your volunteer application and journey. Volunteers can expect to receive a volunteer e-newsletter with all the latest volunteer news and information.



When will 2017 Invictus Games job postings be available?

All available job opportunities will be posted on the Jobs page of our website. We encourage applicants to check back often for newly posted opportunities.


How do I submit my job cover letter and resume?

If you are interested in applying for a posted job that matches your skills and experience, please email your cover letter and resume to with the title of the position in the subject line. Due to the high volume of applicants, we are only able to contact those individuals who have been short-listed for the available role.


How can I find out the status of my job application?

Due to the high volume of interested applicants, we are only able to contact those individuals who have been short-listed for the available role. We encourage applicants to continue to monitor our Jobs page for newly posted opportunities.



I would like to be a sponsor of the Games. How can I request more information?

To request more information on sponsoring the Invictus Games Toronto 2017, please review our Sponsorship page. To get in touch with Partnership Services, please email and include some background information on your organization.



How can vendors partner with the Games?

Currently, we are not accepting vendor applications. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when vendor applications become available.



What venues will be used for the Games?

While we are still confirming venues, the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 will leverage the infrastructure of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games and host the majority of the competitions in former TORONTO 2015 venues. Please continue to monitor our website and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.


Where can I find accommodation during the Games?

Whether you’re looking for something near the venues, within the bustling city or off the beaten path, accommodation in Toronto can be found through our tourism partner’s website, Tourism Toronto.



How can I request that a sport be added to the Invictus Games Toronto 2017?

The sport program for the 2017 Games has been completed. With a short competition period, the decision to add new sports to the competition must be done carefully to ensure a healthy competition among all categories in each sport. The final sport program will be announced in the fall of 2016.


What is the process for technical officials wishing to be a part of the Invictus Games Toronto 2017?

We are working closely with our national and provincial sport partners to deliver the Invictus Games. To be considered for a technical official position, you must meet the qualifications for certification within Ontario. For more information, please contact the provincial or national sport organization that governs your sport in Ontario and/or Canada. If you would like to be considered for a “non-field-of-play” role or non-technical role, please follow the process of registering as a general volunteer and indicate your specific sport experience/knowledge. Volunteer applications will be available in late fall 2016.


I am a medical professional. How can I be involved in the Games?

We will require a large number of medical volunteers with professional experience in a variety of specialty fields. To be considered for a medical volunteer position, you must meet the qualifications for certification within Ontario. Medical volunteers serve the physical, mental and emotional needs of our competitors, their friends and families and other Games clients. If you would like to express your interest in volunteering as part of our medical team, please follow the process of registering as a general volunteer and indicate your area of medical expertise. Volunteer applications will become available in late fall 2016.



How will ticketing work?

The Invictus Games Toronto 2017 will take place over eight competition days and will include an Opening and Closing Ceremony. Each day will be broken down by sport, discipline and smaller sessions. Sessions are defined as an individual or multiple sporting events at one specific venue for a set time frame. One ticket needs to be purchased for each session in order to access admittance to the venue.


How and when can I purchase tickets?

To purchase tickets, please visit beginning June 15, 2017 at 10:00 am. You will be asked to create an account for the ticket service provider that each venue uses. There will also be the option to purchase tickets, for venues that require a ticket, on the day of each session. Tickets will be subject to availability and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The terms and conditions for each venue can be found at the point of sale.


Will I be able to purchase tickets at the venue?

Yes, but subject to availability. All venues that require a ticket for entry (including the Ceremonies at the Air Canada Centre) will have a ticket box office, which will open one hour before the start of each session. Only major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and cash will be accepted for payment. Keep an eye on the for availability.


Are there any free events?

Yes. Five of the 12 sports will be free of charge, no ticket is required. While these sports will be free to view, there may be separate admission charges to gain access to a venue (e.g. Toronto Island Ferry).

Please review the individual sport’s page for additional information.


What does “price category” mean?

Price categories are an indication of seat locations inside venues. Tickets in price category 1 will provide seating that is generally better in quality than tickets in price category 4 at the same session and venue. Lower price categories will still provide a great Games experience.


What does a ticket provide me access to?

A ticket will provide you with access to a ceremony or a sport session. Sessions are defined as an individual or multiple-sport event at one specific venue and time, whereby one ticket per person is sold to cover attendance.


Will I be able to select my seats at time of purchase?

You will be able to select your seat(s) for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies only. All other sporting sessions will be general admission. If you are arriving as a group, we recommend that you allow plenty of time before the session starts so that you can find seats together.


Will any discount tickets be available?

Yes. We will be offering the following age-qualifying groups a 20% discount for ceremonies and sport tickets:

• Children under the age of 17 years as of September 23, 2017.
• Anyone 65 years of age or over as of September 23, 2017.

In addition to the age-qualifying ticket discount for public sales, we will also offer a 20% discount for members of the military personnel, veterans and their family. We reserve the right to limit the number of discounted tickets available at any time. Full-priced ticket service fees will apply.

You may be required to provide photo ID when purchasing tickets in person and when entering the venue. If you are unable to prove eligibility for the discount ticket, you may be refused entry or ejected from the venue.


Will there be a limit on the number of tickets I can order per session?

Yes, but only for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. To give as many people as possible the chance to obtain tickets, and in order to allow for the fairest and most equitable means of distribution of sessions when demand for tickets exceeds supply, ticket limits will be applied. Group sales will be available for all sporting sessions and details on purchasing group tickets will be available at the point of sale.


Will all tickets be available for sale as of the on-sale day of June 15, 2017?

The Organizing Committee will ensure that the majority of tickets will be available on the first day of sale. However, as with any multi-sport/multi-venue events, not all tickets will be available due to planning restrictions. This means tickets will potentially be released up until the beginning of each session.


Are there any additional fees on top of the stated ticket prices?

Yes. All tickets will be subject to service fees and this will be stated during the purchase process. If you decide to have the tickets delivered in a way that will incur a charge (mail), the fees will be added to your final charge. Print-at-home tickets will be available for all sessions, free of charge. Discounted tickets will be subject to the same service fees a full-price ticket.


How do I purchase accessible seating?

All Invictus Games venues will have accessible seating, which will be available for purchase through If you require a companion seat, you will be able purchase this at the same time as your accessible seat. If you are a large group please approach our event staff on venue who will try to accommodate your needs. All accessible seating is subject to availability.


If I live outside of Canada, will I be able to purchase tickets?

Yes. You will be able to purchase tickets if you live outside of Canada using any major credit card. You will be subject to the standard services fees and any additional fees charged by your service provider.


Can tickets be returned or exchanged?

Ticket(s) refund or exchange will only be applicable if the event is cancelled, rescheduled or relocated and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled or relocated event.


Do I need to purchase a ticket for my baby?

Infants under 2 years of age as of September 23, 2017, will be granted free entry to both ceremonies and sports sessions provided they enter with, and sit on the lap of, an adult parent or guardian who possesses a valid ticket. Infants cannot occupy a seat of their own and only one infant may enter with one adult.


Can I resell my tickets?

Ticket resale is prohibited. Please read the Ticket Terms and Conditions carefully to understand your rights and obligation. These can be found at the point of sale of the tickets.


What does “general admission seating” mean?

If you are buying tickets for a session that has general admission tickets available, these seating areas (including accessible seating) will be operated on a first-come, first-served basis. When you arrive at the venue, you will be directed to available seats by our event staff. If you are a group wishing to sit together, you are advised to allow plenty of time as we cannot guarantee that your group will be able to sit together. If you require assistance on venue, please approach our event services staff who will be able to assist you.


What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). We are not able to accept payment by debit card, cheque or PayPal.


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