UK competitors at the Invictus Games medal ceremony in Orlando

Guest Blog

The Invictus Games Toronto 2017 will feature more than 550 competitors from 17 participating allied nations. The Invictus Games guest blog will allow us to showcase the stories and journeys of the competitors, friends and families from across the world who will be coming to Toronto next September.

Each month, participating nations will be invited to share stories of their team’s own journey to the Invictus Games, demonstrating that military communities across the world are faced with similar challenges and that their wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans also deserve our support.

Guest Blog Entries

My continuing journey to recovery….I was finally given the OK in November last year to go home after spending two years in the hospital … read more.

Sonya Newman

In 2015, at age 17, I, along with 15 other Beaverbrook Vimy Prize winners [A prestigious summer scholarship offered to youth 15-17 years of age … read more.

Rachel Bannerman

I entered the Lviv Military Lyceum when I was 14 … read more.

Vitaliy Smilka

In 2003, I was deployed to Afghanistan with the NZSAS [New Zealand Special Air Service]. While on operation … read more.

Jason Pore

As an educator, sport enthusiast, working mother and community volunteer, the Invictus Games fulfill so many areas of my life … read more.

Sabrina Razack

When the accident happens, everything around you stops — your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations. What you don’t realize is that these are just on hold. Your crucial family unit breaks down … read more.

Team UK competitor Alex Krol

I served on the front for almost a year and a half. I started out with the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) volunteer battalion. Then I was deployed to the village of Pisky, not far … read more.

Team Ukraine competitor Volodymyr Bukovsky
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