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Private Pavlo Solokha, 25 years old, Team Ukraine

Veteran. Served in Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) zone in East Ukraine from April 09, 2014, to March 25, 2015

I served with the 51st Separate Mechanized Brigade, 3rd Communications Platoon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I was a driver… read more.

Private Pavlo Solokha

My continuing journey to recovery….I was finally given the OK in November last year to go home after spending two years in the hospital … read more.

Sonya Newman

In 2015, at age 17, I, along with 15 other Beaverbrook Vimy Prize winners [A prestigious summer scholarship offered to youth 15-17 years of age … read more.

Rachel Bannerman

I entered the Lviv Military Lyceum when I was 14 … read more.

Vitaliy Smilka

In 2003, I was deployed to Afghanistan with the NZSAS [New Zealand Special Air Service]. While on operation … read more.

Jason Pore

As an educator, sport enthusiast, working mother and community volunteer, the Invictus Games fulfill so many areas of my life … read more.

Sabrina Razack

When the accident happens, everything around you stops — your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations. What you don’t realize is that these are just on hold. Your crucial family unit breaks down … read more.

Team UK competitor Alex Krol

I served on the front for almost a year and a half. I started out with the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) volunteer battalion. Then I was deployed to the village of Pisky, not far … read more.

Team Ukraine competitor Volodymyr Bukovsky

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