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Episode 21: Brian Williams

It seemed only fitting that a bona fide legend in sports would be the final person to talk about the start of some legendary sports getting ready to take center stage at the Invictus Games Toronto 2017. I am talking of course about CTV’s Brian Williams who...

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Featured Flagbearer: Corporal Isabelle Cartwright

Corporal Isabelle Cartwright Corporal Isabelle Cartwright is honoured to be an Invictus Games Flagbearer and to show her support for her community and Team Canada’s competitors. Isabelle is fortunate to have been selected as a member of Team Canada this year, but is...

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Featured Flagbearer: Roxane Trenholm

Roxane Trenholm Roxane Trenholm is the daughter and granddaughter of veterans; both her father and grandfather served. She is a proud Canadian and is passionate about supporting our service members. Trained in rehab medicine, Roxane has plenty of...

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Episode 20 – The Honourable Eleanor McMahon

There is no doubt that the support of the Ontario government has been crucial in the execution of the Invictus Games Toronto 2017. The chance to speak with the Honourable Eleanor McMahon gave me the opportunity to engage in a very personal discussion not only about...

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Featured Flagbearer: Liz Steeves

Liz Steeves Liz Steeves is an Invictus Games Team Canada competitor and was the first Flagbearer of the Invictus Games National Flag Tour. Liz is honoured to be making her country proud by competing in powerlifting and wheelchair tennis, and by raising the...

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