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Featured Flagbearer: Liz Steeves

Liz Steeves Liz Steeves is an Invictus Games Team Canada competitor and was the first Flagbearer of the Invictus Games National Flag Tour. Liz is honoured to be making her country proud by competing in powerlifting and wheelchair tennis, and by raising the...

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Episode 19 – Denise Hepburn and Gaetan Lortie

A first in Invictus Games Radio history – a bilingual podcast featuring two Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Team Canada competitors: Denise Hepburn and Gaetan Lortie. For both competitors, the chance to compete at the upcoming Games has been a positive way to...

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Episode 18 – Renata Roman

The expression: “it takes a village…” could not be more apt in this case. Team Ukraine is participating for the first time at the Invictus Games and the Ukrainian Canadian community in the Toronto area is positively bubbling with excitement. In this...

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Episode 17 – Leah Cuffe and Mike Trauner

The podcast started with a story of a little boy coming to the home of Leah Cuffe and Team Canada competitor Mike Trauner on their first Halloween after returning home. The boy was riveted by Mike’s prosthetic limbs and kept telling his Mom that Mike was a...

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Episode 16 – Wolfgang Hoffmann

It`s always fun to get the chance to speak to someone who feels passionately about what they do. Jaguar Land Rover Canada`s President, Wolfgang Hoffmann is just that kind of person. His passion for cars started in Germany and in this podcast, you will hear...

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