FA: Corproate Administration

FA Description

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a function within the Corporate Administration area. The ERM function ensures that suitable policies and procedures and an appropriate insurance, loss prevention and claims management processes are in place to mitigate games risks. The centralized coordination risk management at games time allows for efforts to be fully integrated and managed in a pro-active manner all while heightening risk awareness and vigilance at IG2017.

Position Summary

As a Loss Control Crew member duties include proactive hazard identification at the games’ venues, ensuring that corresponding mitigation strategies have been executed and also providing assistance to claims management in on-site incident investigation and collection of information.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Risk Management/Loss Control


  • Oversight of Incident Notification and Management
  • Loss Control Safety Inspections
  • Identification and Documentation of Physical Hazards
  • Correction and Documentation of Minor Physical Hazards
  • Insured Claims Management and Investigations
  • Uninsured Claims Management
  • Trending Analysis of Safety Issues and Incident Reports