FA: Hospitality

FA Description

The Hospitality Food & Beverage (HOS F&B) Function is responsible for providing food and beverage services to client groups at all venues outside of the Invictus Village (Sheraton Hotel). These client groups include: Workforce, Competitors, Games Guests, Media, and Spectators.

Position Summary

The HOS F&B team is looking for inspired, energetic and caring individuals for the Hospitality F&B Crew position. As a Crew member, you will have the opportunity to interact with competitors and team officials from 17 different Nations, as well as fellow Workforce from across Canada and the Globe.

As a Hospitality Crew member, your job is to make sure that Competitors, Team Officials, and Workforce receive their daily venue meal entitlements on time, and in a positive, clean and safe environment

As a Hospitality Crew member, you will be inspired and rewarded for supporting a remarkable Games and providing a positive impression of Toronto to our guests.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Customer Service


  • Collect meal vouchers from Competitors, Team Officials and Workforce in designated break areas
  • Maintain a positive and patient attitude when dealing with client groups
  • Escalate client queries and/or issues promptly through the appropriate channels

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Hospitality


  • Ensure a Hospitality first approach in dealing with Workforce and Competitors to provide a welcoming and positive experience
  • Incorporate solutions to language barriers in all operations involving client communication
  • Ensure break areas are tidy (this may include clearing/bussing of tables) and free of trip hazards
  • Incorporate solutions to accessibility barriers

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Venue Operations


  • Assist Hospitality Venue Manager with the daily reconciliation of Meal Vouchers
  • Assist Hospitality Venue Manager with quality assurance audits (i.e. taking photos of food served; timing waits at spectator concessions during peak hours)
  • Assist Hospitality Venue Manager with daily venue reporting