FA: Technology

FA Description

The Technology functional area owns the end-to-end technology solution, with a primary focus on Games time technology. Venue Technology is responsible for all planning, implementation and operations of technology related services and infrastructure within Venues in order to deliver and support services and devices to end users.

Position Summary

Responsible for managing the Venue Technology team as well as overseeing the implementation and support of all technology activities at the venue.

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Project Management


  • Performs analysis of all existing technology and support staff on site to be able to assess what gaps we have in order to provide technology/support to the various Functional Areas based on approved service levels
  • Liaises with Equipment Distribution Manager and Logistics Manager to ensure that equipment arrives to each venue and is deployed according to Needs Assessment
  • Ensure all Service Level Agreements are met, and that policies and procedures are applied during the Games Operational period

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: IT Help Desk/Technical Support


  • Provide hands-on support services, when required

Key Skill/ Area of Experience: Volunteer Management/Human Resources


  • Manages the Venue Technology team, which will be comprised of an Assistant Venue Technology Supervisor and Help Desk Crew